Keep Your Spine in Line

When you have minor pains, pulled muscle, or you’ve suffered from a fall or injury, one of your first, best options is your local chiropractor. These doctors are experts in finding the causes of everyday life’s aches and pains. Instead of prescribing medication that can be expensive or have unpleasant side effects, they provide you with hands-on solutions through bones and connective tissue manipulation (called “adjustments”). They understand that the spine is the foundation of the pain-free mobility necessary to function on a daily basis. But there is much more to the practice of a Concord chiropractor than that! Below is a list of some of the many services and benefits they offer.

A chiropractor is a special kind of doctor. While they specialize in adjusting the spine to relieve misalignments (called “subluxations”), they also work on joints, the neck, cranium, hips, and even feet. They do this because pressure on the spinal nerves move throughout the body and to the extremities.

The problems chiropractors can help with are as varied as the names applied to them. Sprained ankles, a pulled or “thrown out” back, pinched nerve, headache, minor whiplash, sciatica turns, twists, and pulls are all within a chiropractors purview. When there is a broken bone, torn muscle, or torn ligament, however, it becomes the responsibility of an MD.

Often, weakness of the limbs, vertigo (dizziness and nausea), headaches, and aching knees and feet can be helped by a chiropractor, since many of these problems originate in the spinal column.
Many insurance plans cover or offer a copay for chiropractic care. It is sometimes even coverage in worker’s compensation.

Some success has been had through chiropractic for enigmatic disorders like fibromyalgia and polymyalgia rheumatica. In other cases, migraine headaches have been greatly reduced by regular treatments.

Well chiropractic manipulation is usually “hands-on,” it is safe and not painful. For people with more sensitive pain issues, an acupressure activator (a small, spring-loaded device with a soft end) may be used.

Chiropractic care has been approved for all ages, when newborn infants to the elderly.

Sites like will tell you if a chiropractor has a specialty (such as cranial manipulation), and whether they accept walk-ins or are by appointment only.

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